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How does the performance of lithium ion battery overcharge affect battery performance? What are the possible causes of short battery discharge times? What are the problems with the use of lithium batteries with different capacities? What are the basic characteristics and safety characteristics of Li ion batteries?
First,  the different capacity of the battery pack will be used together what problems?
If the use of different capacity or old and new batteries mixed together, there may be leakage, zero voltage, etc.. This is due to the charging process, the difference in capacity led to some of the battery charging was over charged, some batteries are not full of electricity, discharge capacity of the battery when the battery is not high, and the capacity is low. Such a vicious cycle, the battery is damaged and leakage or low (zero) pressure to produce security risks.
Second, the basic characteristics of lithium ion batteries?
1, the high energy density: half of the same volume of NiCd or NiMH batteries are lithium ion battery weight, volume is 20-30% 40-50% nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride.
2, high voltage: working voltage of a lithium ion battery monomer 3.7V (average), the equivalent of three series NiCd or NiMH batteries.
3, no pollution (environmental protection), lithium ion batteries do not contain heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and other elements.
Three, lithium battery storage in what conditions are better?
According to the IEC standard, the battery of the lithium battery pack should be stored at a temperature of 20 +, humidity of RH (65 + 20)%. Generally speaking, the higher the storage temperature, the lower the residual capacity. On the contrary, the same. The best place to store the battery when the refrigerator temperature is 0-10. In particular, the primary battery requirements are more stringent, and the two battery even after the loss of storage capacity, but as long as the charge and discharge several times after the capacity can also be restored.
Four. What are the possible reasons for the short battery discharge time?
1, the battery is not fully charged, such as charging time is not enough, low charging efficiency;
2, discharge current is too large, resulting in reduced discharge efficiency so as to shorten the discharge time;
3, the battery discharge environment temperature is too low, discharge efficiency decreased.
Five, what is the impact of overcharge on battery performance?
Overcharge refers to the battery charging process with full power, continue charging behavior, such as Ni-Cd battery charging, produce the following reaction: 4OH-- 4E: positive 2H2O + 2Cd + O2 2CdO O2 negative: because at design time, negative capacity is higher than the capacity of the positive electrode. As a result, the oxygen produced by the positive electrode passes through the cadmium compound produced by the diaphragm paper and the negative electrode. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the battery should be fully avoided the occurrence of charging, the Chinese battery network recommends that the lithium battery pack are required to add a protective plate, and the battery protection board should have over charge, over discharge function.
Six, lithium ion battery safety characteristics?
Lithium ion battery has been widely used in people's daily life, so its safety performance should be the first lithium ion battery. For the assessment of the safety performance of lithium ion batteries, the provisions of the international standards are very strict, lithium-ion batteries in terms of safety performance does not exist any fatal defects.
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